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Chengdu Mumashan Glass Co., Ltd. Tel:
Landline: 028-82599986
Fax: 028-82599862
Address: No. 208 Wangxi Road, Sichuan-Zhejiang Industrial Park (Xinjin County), Chengdu

Chengdu Mumashan Glass Co., Ltd. was established in 2011 in District A, Xinjin Industrial Park, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It covers an area of over 20,000 square meters and employs more than 150 people. The company's business operation is a large-scale comprehensive glass enterprise led by glass processing and sales, supplemented by various types of intelligent glass R & D and installation. The company implements the national development strategy and policy of resource conservation and environmental protection, advocates new concepts of green building, environmental protection and energy saving. It follows the concept of carbon cycle, takes low carbon as the guide, develops a circular economy, and promotes the construction and popularization of low carbon green buildings. People provide healthy, applicable and efficient green building glass products that harmonize with nature.
The company is a high-tech enterprise, glass deep processing base, Low-E coated insulating glass enterprise technology center, and Low-E coated insulating glass are products of Sichuan Province. It is a large-scale glass deep processing enterprise with important influence and high visibility in Sichuan Province. From 2013 to 2016, Sichuan glass deep processing was one of the most influential brands. The production volume of energy-saving insulating glass ranked among the top three in the province for two consecutive years. .
The company has advanced production technology and first-class equipment units: three fully automatic cutting lines, four fully automatic edging lines, three up and down full convection double-chamber tempered glass production lines, three fully automatic insulating glass production lines, an autoclave interlayer, and a curtain wall glass automatic Processing line A TV LED curtain wall glass production line and other supporting multiple advanced processing equipment. Can provide customers with production: single piece of cesium potassium fire-resistant glass, ultra-white glass, bullet-proof glass, laminated glass, hollow energy-saving glass, Lowe coated glass, coated glass, tempered glass, heat-bent tempered glass, colored glaze glass, extra-large tempered glass Glass, ultra-long curved tempered glass, LED curtain wall glass and other glass deep-processing products.
The company has passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality management system certification and 3C safety system certification. LOW-E low-emission coated insulating glass has passed the country's first batch of energy-saving product certification.
"Based on honesty, innovation and longevity" are the driving force and future of Mumashan people. We will always adhere to the tenet of quality and rely on "excellent strategy" to continue to cooperate sincerely with friends at home and abroad to jointly create the glory of glass deep processing industry!

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Sichuan Mumashan Glass Co., Ltd. All rights reserved Mobile phone: 18081921930 13088389828
Landline: 028-82599986 Fax: 82599862
Address: No. 208 Wangxi Road, Sichuan-Zhejiang Industrial Park (Xinjin County), Chengdu

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